Thursday, December 23, 2004

Just getting started..

Okay, I'm starting this blog about a week after I started working on my MythTV box, so time to play catch-up.

At this point, here's my hardware (I'll update this with my exact specs eventually):

# CPU: 733MHz PIII (old hardware I had laying around)

# RAM: 512MB (old hardware I had laying around)

# Hard Drives:
* 6GB Western Digital for Fedora Core 3, formatted as ext3
* 2 x 120GB Western Digital drives for storage, formatted as ext3, but plan to
- currently formatted as 2 ext3 drives, at /mnt/mythtv1 & /mnt/mythtv
- I have another 120GB WD drive that i'm going to add on with an IDE card. I'll then RAID-0 the three of them together to act as one drive with fast read/write, and no redundancy (not concerned with losing my tv recordings in the event of hard drive failure)

# Network: 10/100 PCI NIC (laying around from years ago)

# Video Capture/Output cards:
* Hauppauge 250 MPEG2 Encoder ($120)
* Hauppauge 350 MPEG2 Encoder / MPEG2 Decoder with MPEG2 outputs to TV ($175)

# Video Card:
* Matrox Mystique (old card I had laying around)

# Sound Card: Creative SB Live! (had this laying around from a couple years ago)

... More to come ...

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